Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Sushi Groove @ Sunway Pyramid


Before going off to Singapore for Chinese New Year, here's another sushi experience, this time at Sushi Groove in Sunway Pyramid. The shop is located opposite J Co. Donuts which is at the new wing, not very big shop but the entrnace is quite special which tickles my curiosity, last Saturday EdeNz and I decided to give it a try. XD

Sushi Groove's menu.

As the shop name sounds, this shop isn't traditional and typical like how a normal Japanese restaurant should look like... It's pretty dark inside the shop, something like a pub... The decorations are pretty modern and cool, looks young and casual... It has a few very long tables which is shared by all the customers, that's one of their groovy concept lol...

Long table...

Feel greeny?

This shop is full of green color stuffs, cup, sauce plate, chopsticks, menu... There isn't any Kaiten belt as well so we actually have to place an order by looking at the menu. Their menu is pretty cool as well, cool names for their dishes lol... Just that it doesn't have as much choices as some other Japanese restaurants out there.

Dynamite Ball, boom!

We started off with Dynamite Ball, it is ball shaped topped with fish roe and some sauce... Pretty special as I have never eaten anything similar before, it's actually quite crunchy, both the rice and the fish roe. It's good together with wasabi. XD


Then we have our normal fish roe sushi, hehe... This is one of our favourite, won't miss this whenever we go for Japanese food. The fish roe here is not juicy, it's chruchy instead... weird right? Normally fish roe should be juicy... Anyway, it tastes good as well, won't lose to any ordinary fish roe sushi out there...

Dragon Delight, yum yum~

Miso soup, there's "la-la" inside...

Next, here comes our Dragon Delight bento together with miso soup. The bento does not contain any rice or normal dishes, it's just sushi and some appetizer, quite special. XD All of them tastes good, the salmon is really soft and juicy, melts in your mouth together with the rice... The feeling is so nice that I wish that they gave us more... The sushi roll topped with avacado is nice, though the taste is a bit normal compared to others while the sushi roll topped with egg and fish roe has a strong taste, mixed with salmon skin and unagi... A totallly different sensation! We enjoyed the bento, eating the sushi piece by piece, it's actually good to share as we get to eat more stuff and won't get full so easily. =p


We continue our exploration with salmon temaki, their salmon mixed with a sauce and then wrapped, the taste is good but it seems that the seaweed isn't that fresh as it's not crispy when we eat it.

Baby Dragon... Which is the head and which is the tail?

Before we leave, we ordered Baby Dragon Roll, it looks so nice on the menu and it's tempting me. =p Well, it's a mixed of a lot of stuff inside the roll, shrimps, unagi, salmon skin... A rich taste! I love this dish, nice to see and nice to eat haha... XD

We both were so full after eating everything, drank some tea to help digestion. =p A pretty special experience for me I would say, but the price here is a bit too expensive that I would rather eat at other high class Japanese restaurant than here, I would have got much more varieties to choose from. It would be a really nice place to hang out if only the price could reduce a little. =p

After lunch, we went shopping and walk around Pyramid and there's lots of stuff going on that day, I will talk about those in another post, probably after CNY since I won't be around until Saturday. =)



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