Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Fast & Furious 4


I don't feel good today, wished I could stay home and sleep... I don't know why I just need my sleep but time doesn't allow me to do that. =(

Fast & Furious 4 came out some time back in the cinemas but I only managed to watch it with EdeNz two days back, it was just a random thought, suddenly EdeNz said he want to watch this movie that day... Well, luckily there are still nice seats available and I managed to get them online. XD

It's all about cars, everyone assumes. Actually, in this movie... there's more. The movie starts off with a bunch of people stealing petrol, pretty cool process I would say. There's only one race in the whole movie, which is when Dom (Vin Dissel) found out that someone killed his girlfriend, Letty, and he tries to get a job which she used to do... which is to transport drugs across the US-Mexico border. The race is good, GPS can be so cool lol... but it's street racing, so you can see cars flying around, roads becoming a mess and stuff.

After Dom managed to get into the team, he search for the killer and hunt him down with an old friend, Brian, who is a FBI guy... Lots of dramas in between and in the end Dom killed Fenix, the guy who killed Letty and the bad guy who hired drivers to deliver drugs is caught. Too bad that Dom was caught and being sentenced to a 25-year jail, but the show ended with his friends coming to intercept the jail bus. =)

I think this show doesn't focus much on car racing anymore in this movie, compared to the Tokyo one... but it's still nice as there are still actions through out the show. I don't know much about cars but I guess car lovers won't like it that much since there's just a few nice cars in the movie... Hmm, I would say the movie is good but many have told me that this one isn't good at all compared to the previous F&F movies. What do you think?


Friday, April 24, 2009


The Sims


It's finally Friday, here comes another weekend but doesn't seem so fun and exciting... due to various reasons. Anyway, it's still good to be able to stay at home, sleep and play whole day. =)

It has been a while since I bought my new computer, so it's time to try out some games, that's one of the reasons I bought my baby. =p I installed Sims 2 few days back and immediately got addicted again. I can play for hours, not noticing that time passed so fast. It's really easy to be lost in the game...

I spent a night just to get myself familiar with the game and then start my own family and decorate my own house, all those for just 2 to 3 hours every night, until yesterday I managed to finalize my house and start playing. XD I should get some screenshots, maybe tonight and post them here hehe...

Anyway, a friend of mine, Suzanne, told me that Sims 3 is coming and I went to check it out, it's just 2 months away! According to The Sims 3 Official Site, it's coming on June 2009, I am thrilled and looking forward to this game, definitely going to try it out once it's launched... Finally, a game to look forward to.

On a side note, I need to control my addiction else I won't have enough sleep every day and sooner or later I will be sick. =/ Haha...


Monday, April 20, 2009


Shinjuku Incident


It's another Jackie Chan's movie. I went to watch with EdeNz on Saturday @ Mid Valley, lots of people queuing up as usual but I got my tickets online on Friday, smart eh? =p Hehehe... But even when we want to get mineral water at the cinema food counter, there's also a long queue... Those customer should just plan what they want to buy before queuing up, instead of wasting time trying to decide which flavor of Twisties they want or whether they want large or medium popcorn at the counter, Zzz... Hopeless people!

Shinjuku Incident.

Okay, back to the movie... It's Japanese story, they speak Japanese, English and a little Chinese and Hokkien too, ahaha... There isn't any fighting scenes like the previous Jackie Chan's movie, it's a story about Japanese Yakuza and all the fights involved parangs and guns only...

The story describe how people in China go to Japan illegally and try to build a life and identity there, accepting all sort of jobs just to earn a living. Chinese people are being looked down there, Japanese people often treat them like slaves. Finally they got in between the Yakuza's fight, thinking that they can have a better life and not being looked down again... but happy life doesn't last long and it comes with a heavy price...

I think the movie is really sad, clearly shows how the Chinese people are bullied and tortured. I am kind of disappointed that there's no fighting scenes to see Jackie Chan perform, but I guess he needs to move on to other characters since he is not as fit as before... Well, I am not a fan of this kind of gory, cruel and sad movie, so I don't really like it... those that enjoy seeing miserable people being tortured are sick. =/

I still prefer Jackie Chan's older movies, those are funny and the fighting is cool! XD


Wednesday, April 15, 2009




Another quick one...

Just to say that I changed my blog title to "StarrY's" and description to "... anything and everything."

Wanna know why?

'cos EdeNz told me last night that "Way of a Star." sounds like "way of a ninja" which Naruto love to say when he's in trouble. Dam that stupid short fat orange ninja!


I need a new phone...

I was bored and wanted to try to change the theme of my blog, ended up it wasn't nice and I'm too lazy to edit now... When I restore my theme I realized all my java scripts are gone but I managed to get them back in place except my poor little Chattie... 'cos Astro office decided to block the site as well! Argh!!!


I have got nothing to do, very bored and I can't stand it... Life without a goal is meaningless don't you think? That's why I try to plan what I should do everyday... it didn't turn out very well... *sigh*

Anyway, since I got myself a new computer already, it's about time to start planning to fulfill my next wishlist item, a phone. It's really really really hard to find a phone which satisfy me even until now, I am still looking and checking, undecided.

I want my phone...
  • To be small, I don't like bulky phones such as PDAs.
  • To have GPS, for road idiots like me, it's a savior!
  • To have a good camera, I like to take photos when I am in the mood and I don't have and can't afford to get a camera right now.
  • To be a Nokia or any phone that don't have opposite navigation buttons.
  • To be cheap, money is important and I am very poor now. =(

I have thought about iPhone before, ever since Maxis decided to launch this awesome phone with their subscription plans in Malaysia... but there's two things annoying about iPhone, the camera sucks and the bluetooth only recognized other Mac devices, which means it's pretty useless. Not to forget, iPhone is not cheap at all and if I were to get it I got to pay RM100 per month just for my phone bills.... compared to now which is just RM30 per month for the prepaid reload... big difference! But there's so many amazing things that iPhone has and you won't see them elsewhere...


Another phone that I like is N85 but it's also not cheap right now... plus I have read some reviews and found that its GPS system is not that great and some have problems with it. It's one of the important feature I want in my new phone, this comment makes me think twice...

I really don't know what other phones out there satisfy me, maybe none... I am just asking for the impossible..?

Anyway, it's not a rush... Just the next thing I want to buy and hopefully before the current dinosaur phone of mine decide to die on me. Maybe in the end I won't get everything I want, but what is really the best choice and worth my money? Any ideas or recommendations?


Friday, April 10, 2009


Wild Child


Yesterday, I was just randomly browsing stuff on the net and suddenly thought of watching some movies during my free time... So, I went to browse IMDb to look for something interesting and thought of Wild Child, it was a movie aired end of last year, I never had the chance to watch it in the cinemas due to various reasons...

I found the video on Megavideo, nice! Loading the entire 94 minutes is very time consuming though, looking at the unstable Internet connection here... Well, I loaded 1/3 of it when I went off to lunch so I get to watch the show right until 20 minutes before ending and it got stuck... Waited again then finally managed to finish the movie just before I went home. XD

Wild Child.

The movie is quite nice, I love to watch school themed shows, hehe... The story is pretty normal, a teenage girl being spoiled by the father after her mother died in a car accident, she became rebellious and finally her dad has no choice but to send her to a boarding school in England.

Life in the boarding school isn't easy for a spoiled brat, especially with all the strict rules and the British girls happen to not like the Americans. She finally managed to get some friends to help her to get expelled so that she can go back home, but in the process, they get to know each other better and really became good friends. Typical story like this always has a bad girl who is jealous of the new girl and try to ruin her life, this time it's the head girl of the school who is jealous because the headmistress' son pay attention to the new girl instead of herself. In the end, she set the school kitchen on fire and put the blame on the new girl but truth is revealed with the help of other girls in school. A happy ending when the girl finally learn that her mother went to this school as well, she decided to continue her studies in the school and starts to behave herself.

Simple story, relaxing, nothing too extraordinary. It's kinda funny to hear the British accent of the school girls there, it's not hard to understand but it's just weird, hehe... XD I am looking for other similar movies or shows to watch, still thinking right now, so if you have any good suggestion, let me know!


Wednesday, April 08, 2009


Follow Me on Twitter!


Just a quick update that I managed to get Twitter on my blog! Hehehe...

My Tweetie! XD

I have actually registered on Twitter last week, just no time and mood to configure things and put it up here. After a little searching around today and reading some guides and thanks to Ruz for the tips, now it's here! (Yes, it was Ruz who invited me to register... ) Feel free to follow me on my Twitter! I think you will need to register a Twitter account but it's really easy to do that and it's free... it's cute too! Hahahaha...

Just one more thing to figure out now is how to update my twitter through my phone, I still can't get my mobile number registered to my account. If you know how or you found any guide on this matter, please let me know! Thanks. =)


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