Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Senjyu Sushi @ Sunway Pyramid


Not having fun with the stupid headache since Sunday night... didn't go work today, ended up in bed for almost 16 hours? *sigh* I hate being sick!

It has been some time since yummy food shows up on my blog, so here it is, time for some delicious sushi! =p On the same day I bought my phone and watch Transformers, EdeNz and I went to Senjyu Sushi for lunch, because I got 2 RM5 vouchers from AD&D 2009...

We weren't that hungry and my wallet isn't very generous so we just ordered 4 dishes... All of them were nice, but I still think Sushi Zanmai is better, for the price I pay I expected something more and not just ordinary. I totally miss Genki Sushi which was here before Senjyu Sushi, at least it's not so expensive and the food back then is equally good.

Here goes, first thing... Ikura Cawanmushi.

There isn't so much Ikura on top as the one at Sushi Zanmai and I think the egg taste could be richer, so this dish is just normal...

Next, we ordered Sashimi, I just feel like eating some.

The fish are fresh and great, nothing spectacular though.

Then we have Tempura Soba...

The tempura is very crispy and the soba is good as well, though I still like Cha Soba more. XD

We also ordered this trio salmon sushi, juicy and rich in flavor.

It would be better if it was Ikura on top, yummy!

The options are quite limited, as there were more sushi than the normal dishes, which I find the sushi are common, not willing to pay so much for a sushi I can also get from Jusco. I don't think I will visit again, there's much better choice out there... like Sushi Zanmai, my favorite! =)



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